Culture sonar articles

Culture Sonar is an on-line publication that aims to help grownups, specifically boomers and Gen Xers, find breaking entertainment news like cool music, film, books, events, dance, art and other worthy things.  Below are the pieces that I they have commissioned me to write for them.


Beyond Pong: The Defining Video Games for Sports Fans

A short list of games that paved the way for those massive franchises that we play today.

10 Unforgettable TV Theme Songs

Looking back at those enduring TV theme songs for this list was surprisingly a ton of fun. Here is my list. What's yours?


The Top 5 video games of the past 5 years

My attempt at the impossible.  I tried to recognize different corners of gaming culture from the eSports scene to the indie marketplace while making sure not to only list personal favorites.


Why is comedy booming again?

This piece compares the '80s comedy boom to the one we are seeing today.  Back then it was due to stand-up clubs opening all across the country.  Today it came out of the advent of the internet.  These two booms have a lot more in common that they seem.


Tim burton: gen x auteur grows up

An article that takes a look at a man's journey from an edgy Gen X icon to a wholesome family man.  It is a journey that a lot of artists make in their lifetime, and maybe that's okay.