Dorkly ARticles

The following are a collection of gaming articles that I wrote for the web site


The Top 40 Dark Souls Bosses Of All Time!!!

A meticulous ordering of the most infamous bosses from one of the arguably most difficult video game series of all time. 


6 Emotional Games That Will Bring a Tear To Your Grizzled, Manly Face

A lot of times games involve blowing stuff up real big or punching a monster until you see its brains fly out the back of its head.  Yeah, that's fun and all but sometimes there are games that make a man break down and cry.  Here is a list of those games.



Ranking the Final Fantasy Games WITHOUT Nostalgia, Can It Be Done?

In most cases, everybody's favorite Final Fantasy title is the first one they played.  This list is an attempt to remove all nostalgia while ranking these classic games while giving a little history for them at the same time.